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What Others Say About Stark's War

Gripping. Stark's War reads as if 
Hemry has been there."

— Jack McDevitt, Nebula Award–winning author of Firebird

A rip roaring race through tomorrow's battlefield, where knowledge is power, but stupidity 
still reigns. Hemry's debut is a great yarn — and a thoughtful cautionary tale."

— Mike Shepherd, author of Kris Longknife: Daring

A gripping tale of military science fiction in the tradition of Heinlein's Starship Troopers and Haldeman's The Forever War. It serves as both a cautionary fable and a science fiction adventure, doing dual purpose on both levels. The plot is sharp and crisp, moving right along at a mounting pace until it reaches the point of no return. It has the potential to join the pantheon of classic military science fiction stories if it gets the attention it deserves."

— Absolute Magnitude

A high caliber military science fiction thriller. The fast paced story line reads as if the audience is 
seeing the war firsthand due to the nonstop action and the likable characters."

— Midwest Book Review


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